Mark 4:11-12  And He said to them, "To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those who are outside, all things come in parables, (12) so that 'SEEING THEY MAY SEE AND NOT PERCEIVE, AND HEARING THEY MAY HEAR AND NOT UNDERSTAND; LEST THEY SHOULD TURN, AND THEIR SINS BE FORGIVEN THEM.' "

Parables Matthew Mark Luke Lessons
The tares Mat.13:24-43     Good and evil in life and judgment
The hidden treasure Mat.13:44     Value of Gospel.
The goodly pearl Mat.13:45-46     Value of salvation
The draw net Mat.13:47-50     Believers seperate from the Worldly
The unmerciful servant Mat.18:21-35     Be merciful & forgiving
The labourers in the vineyard Mat.20:1-16     Call at various epochs
The two sons Mat.21:28-32     Insincerity and repentance
The wedding feast Mat.22:1-14     Many called, few chosen
The ten virgins Mat.25:1-13     Watchful and careless profession
The ten talents Mat.25:14-30     Be a faithful servant
The sheep and goats Mat.25:31-46     Final separation of good and bad
The seed growing secretly   Mark4:26-29   Plant seeds, God gives increase
The householder Mat.13:52     Share the gospel
Gratitude for pardon     Luke7:41-47 Gratitude for pardon
The good Samaritan     Luke10:30-37 Show mercy to others
The friend at midnight     Luke11:5-13 Perseverance in prayer
The rich fool     Luke12:16-21 Worldly-mindedness
You must be ready     Luke12:35-38 Be ready to serve
Faithful & wise servant     Luke12:41-48 Conscientiousness in trust
The barren fig tree     Luke13:6-9 Unprofitableness under grace
The great banquet     Luke14:16-24 Many called, few chosen
The lost coin     Luke15:8-10 Joy over penitence
The prodigal son     Luke15:11-32 Fatherly love to penitent son
The unjust steward     Luke16:1-8 Be faithful in service
The rich man and Lazarus     Luke16:19-31 Recompense of future life
The unprofitable servants     Luke17:7-10 God's claim to all our service
The persistent widow     Luke18:1-8 Advantage of persevering prayer
The Pharisee and publican     Luke18:9-14 Self-righteousness and humility
The ten minas     Luke19:11-27 Diligence rewarded; sloth punished
House on rock and sand Mat.7:24-29   Luke6:47-49 Hear God's Word & obey
The leaven Mat.13:33   Luke13:20-21 Spread Gospel worldwide
The lost sheep Mat.18:10-14   Luke15:3-7 Joy over penitent
New cloth and old garment Mat.9:16 Mark2:21 Luke5:36 True doctrine, not traditions
New wine in old bottles Mat.9:17 Mark2:22 Luke5:37-39 True doctrine, not traditions
The sower Mat.13:3-23 Mark4:1-20 Luke8:4-15 True hearers persevere
The mustard seed Mat.13:31-32 Mark4:30-34 Luke13:18-19 Spread of Gospel worldwide
The wicked tenants Mat.21:33-46 Mark12:1-12 Luke20:9-18 Rejections of Christ by Jews
The fig tree and all the trees Mat.24:32-33 Mark13:28-29 Luke21:29-31 Indications of Second Advent