"Those who reject the doctrine of election are also doing away with humility, for it takes

real humility to see that we could not even start to turn ourselves to God." --- John Calvin


"By "free-will", not one person can be saved. But by free grace, many will be saved." --- Martin Luther


"As for a hazy atonement that atones for everybody in general and for nobody in particular, an atonement made equally for Judas and for John, I care nothing for it." ---

C.H. Spurgeon


"Whether you are elected or not, I know not, but this I know - if you believe on Christ you will be saved." --- Robert Murray M'Cheyne


"Little hope have we, my friends, if our salvation depends upon ourselves; but the salvation of which the Bible speaks is rooted in the eternal counsel of God." --- J. Gresham Machen


"Since God always does things the right way, we must say that all who are actually redeemed are all he intended to redeem." --- John Owen


"When the Spirit of God first begins to work in people's hearts, His tendency is to bring them to a conviction of their absolute dependence on His sovereign power and grace."

Jonathan Edwards


"If the absolute determination of Christ included all mankind, then all mankind would most certainly be saved." --- A.W. Pink


"Christ's sacrifice is absolutely infinitely sufficient  and utterly secures the salvation of anyone for whom it was made. To deny that would be to deny the gospel." --- John Gerstner


"A man has no more power to change himself than to create himself." --- Thomas Watson


"Christ's death did not "create opportunities," it established certainties. Everyone for whom the Lord Jesus died is sure to be reconciled to God." --- Tom Wells


"An awakening by mere natural conscience is very different from an awakening by the Spirit of God." --- Robert Murray M'Cheyne


"When God saves those who deserve otherwise, no one complains. But when God condemns them, there is great protest." --- Martin Luther



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